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Since Wolves is one of those giant-screen IMAX films about nature, I’m sure the visual part of it is fantastic, but without the visuals, the music doesn’t hold up very well. It’s mostly watered-down interpretations of various Native American music styles, filtered through New Age mush. I have an appreciation for Native American and other indigenous types of music, but when these musical forms are merged with modern technology, the results are often very uninspiring, to say the least. Sadly, not even Robbie Robertson’s brief appearance does much to inject any life into the mix. The best cuts here are “In the Wild” and “Wind and Wolves,” which simply feature recordings of wolves in their natural environment without any musical accompaniment or studio manipulation. The unadulterated sound of wolves howling is a beautiful thing, and unfortunately, it’s the best thing this soundtrack has to offer.

Silver Wave Records, P.O. Box 7943, Boulder, CO 80306; http://www.silverwave.com

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