From the Publisher

From the Publisher

Welcome Aboard!

We’ve rearranged our staff a bit with this issue, and I’d like to take a moment to introduce them and their new positions with Ink 19 ,

Our new Sales Director/Associate Publisher/Operations Manager is Michelle Harris. Michelle has been with us for a couple of years already, selling ads and overseeing the South Florida edition.

Helping Michelle with national sales is Mark Harris. Mark has a ton of experience in the music industry, and is already putting his knowledge of the biz to great use.

DeeAnn Jennings will be stepping up her duties as production manager, overseeing not only editorial layout but also the design and placement of ads, and keeping an eye on our printing and distribution.

Michelle, Mark and DeeAnn bring an amazing amount of energy into their new duties and are working hard to fulfill and exceed Ink 19 ‘s potential, so I’d like to remind everyone that we’re always up for hearing your suggestions and feedback. This magazine is as much yours as it is ours. See you on the streets!


The photo of the Blacks accompanying last month’s interview was erroneously credited to June Rich, but the photo was actually the work of Paul Natkin. Also, two stories written by Ed Furniture (Heather Kozar and Danielle Howle) were incorrectly attributed to Isaac Airbourne. We would like to apologize for the error, and to let you know that those involved have suffered the traditional punishment of shoveling out the Ink 19 stables with a desert fork.

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