We DO Care!

We DO Care!

Dear James,

My friend, Bev, brought me by a copy of your recent rant in Ink 19 , “We Don’t Care.” It turns out I had already read it and was captivated. I had planned to write the paper to commend them on such a fine piece, but I hadn’t gotten around to it. After doing this at an amazing low level for thirty-five years, I was greatly entertained and pleased.

I make Ronny Elliott records, and it’s because I have to. They’re not good or bad; they’re Ronny Elliott records. I’ve just finished a new one, My Nerves Are Bad Tonight , and it will be out in January, in time to start my fifth decade and my second century in rock’n’roll.

Please keep up the good work. You don’t have much competition!

• •

James Mann responds: Thanks for the comments on my “We Don’t Care” piece. From the feedback I’ve gotten on the article, it seems to have struck a nerve with our readers — which is good! I hope all the artists reading it realize that I (and the rest of Ink 19) care greatly about hearing, seeing or reading your work — send us more — it’s just the bullshit that some misplaced dishwashers add to the experience turns us off. Create what you feel — and don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Even when we’re right…

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