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Dust Remover

Procter & Gamble

It may seem odd to review a cleaning product in a music magazine, but if you’re reading this, then you probably fight the battles with dust. Electronic devices attract dust like mad. Who hasn’t marveled at the level of dust on their computer, stereo components, TV, or bass amp? If you have, you also know there isn’t a good way to get rid of it. Canned air only does so much and blows a lot of dust inside of your equipment and you certainly don’t want to use spray cleaners like Pledge. What to do?

Go to the store and buy Swiffer. It’s a new cleaning cloth that looks kind of like cheesecloth, but much softer. It picks up dirt, dust, hair, hell it’ll pick up a Cheerio. There are no sprays, no chemicals, they are totally safe for use on all kinds of electronics. The design of the cloth allows in to pick the offending crud rather that merely moving it around. You can also buy a mop kind of thing that allows you to use Swiffer on your hardwood floors. I’m not usually too impressed with cleaning products, but Swiffer is the real deal.

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