? and the Mysterians

? and the Mysterians

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I got to see ? and the Mysterians at the Cooler in NYC last year, and I can affirm this: the symbol guy from Minneapolis now seems like a weak imitation of ?’s groundbreaking persona, from the use of a representative symbol (at least “?” is on my #@%* keyboard) to the bawdy stage swagger and patter. This two-disc set has far more garage wobble than you’d know what to do with unless you threw a party that allowed for rampant drunkenness and nudity towards the end. This is chock-full of the sound that ? and the Mysterians ejected into the world over thirty years ago, containing three versions of “96 Tears” and one of “Can’t Get Enough of you Baby,” so if organ-drenched party rock ain’t your thing, just stay shut up in your convent and skip this. Bonus: if you’ve got a computer with QuickTime, you can catch a deliciously lo-tech video for “Sally Go Round The Roses” on disc one.

Cavestomp! Records, P.O. Box 20574, New York, NY 10009

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