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Simon Basic (March). Review by Anton Wagner


Simon Basic


For some reason, I thought the first time I heard the term “IRC” used in a song lyric, I’d wince a lot more. Barcelona can sing about chat rooms, phreaking and running a BBS out of a Commodore 64 with the authority of old hands, yet their sentiments aren’t your stereotypical computer shut-in’s. They sing about sunshine, albeit in terms of its effect on driving patterns. Beautiful melodies, floating on oscillator puffs of analog circuitry, dance and play with the guitar and drums. Their choruses are not only infectious, but downright cheering. As I boarded up my home in preparation of a hurricane, I kept singing “Let’s call ourselves by Indian names,” saw, saw, “let’s build a treefort in the den,” drill, drill. Strange and powerful, eh?

March Records, 51 Main Street, Hastings On Hudson, NY 10706;

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