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Immediately the men in black copters are coming for you. Bad news – success – theirs. A hundred seconds later you’re on another planet at the alien factory dance. “O.K. Washing Machine” is certainly uncharted territory. Disciplined but rampant and determined beating, a zipdash bass stinger and some screamy things. This planet is certainly mushi, and of many moods. And it enjoys knocking you about a bit as it grooves or perplexes you. This is the trance music of your deepest dreams and right after that chocolate lasagna pickle pie.

Oddly enough, there are songs in there, but very mushi and very fuzzy. The Eno-esque “Fiction” is the song that should have been playing at the bar in Star Wars . Everyone, or everything there would have looked infinitely cooler. Some of the later tracks evolve into ambient atmos-sound groovescapes, near the edge but pulsing and hypnotic nonetheless.

Only the brave and secure should apply for listenership to Mushiness . Headcase (mainly Dean Garcia from Curve) will contort your musical perceptions and stretch even the definition of house/rave music recognition.

The Music Cartel, 106 West 32nd Street, 3rd Floor, New York City, NY 10001;

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