Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown

Bless Me Jah


It is with sadness that I write about what proved to be the final release by reggae icon Dennis Brown. His recent untimely passing, shortly after Bless Me Jah was available, draws an eerie comparison to the prophetic nature of Tupac’s swan song (not that there are any musical comparisons). The album cover artwork, song titles like “Take Me to the Top” and “If You Should Lose Me” suggest a connection with a mightier place.

Also ironic, is the fact one of Brown’s earliest works for Studio One, a cover of the Van Dyke’s “No Man is an Island,” has come full circle to be included on this album. Other covers like the sultry “Black Magic Woman” and the interesting inclusion of “(You) Decorated My Life” are enhanced by Brown’s soulful vocals.

It may come as no surprise that Bless Me Jah is a great album despite the aforementioned parallels to the afterlife. We are fortunate Brown “blessed” us with a final collection of songs and shared his talents in the reggae community for the last thirty years.

Rest in Jah’s Peace, Dennis….

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