Monkey Puss (Live in London)


What else is there to say about a live album from the gods of Swedish death metal (and death metal, in general), Entombed? Not much really, unless you haven’t witnessed the band’s necksnapping live show. If such is the case, Monkey Puss (Live in London) should serve as a critical document of all the mayhem missed. Recorded in 1992 during the “Gods of Grind” tour-deluxe (Carcass, Cathedral, and Confessor played, as well), Monkey Puss gives equal clout to Entombed’s first two albums, the immortal Left Hand Path and Clandestine ; from the former’s “Drowned” and “But Life Goes On” to the latter’s “Evilyn” and “Crawl”, all the requisite classics are covered. Despite the band’s sour-grapes attitude toward Monkey Puss (they left Earache for Music For Nations in ’98 and have since signed with Roadrunner), the album froths with a thoroughly sweaty and sinister sound quality, aided in no small part by the taped intro of Reverend Jim Jones exhorting his Jonestown drones to mass suicide — absolutely killer! (Pun fully intended.)

Earache America, 295 Lafayette St, Suite 915, New York, NY 10012-2700; http://www.earache.com

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