Monkey Puss (Live in London)


A classic incident of live Death Metal brutality is contained on this live recording from a 1992 London show. An Entombed performance clearly had one objective in mind and that was to incite huge mosh pits. Ahh, for the old days of Death Metal greatness!

Entombed’s music, in addition to being dark and “evil,” really rocked. I mean, you could march to it. And that’s what moshing really is, right? “Evilyn” and “Sinners Bleed” have an obvious rhythm, something that the “extreme” bands, unfortunately, seem to have forgotten about. They should listen to this recording and remember that you can be as loud as possible, but in the end, what you’re playing still happens to be rock and roll, no matter how far removed you are from the sock hop…

Ten songs in all from Sweden’s legendary Death Metal Vikings, includes the aforementioned two, as well as “Left Hand Path,” “Revel in Flesh,” “Drowned” and “Living Dead” — along with a strange opening segment that’s got to be from a very violent movie I somehow missed. Somebody out there let me know what Entombed started their shows with! Arrgh!

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