Forced Reality

Forced Reality

Forced Reality


Re-release of an Oi!/ Pro-American Skinhead (do you remember?) classic from a million years ago in the late-1980s. I highly, highly, recommend all the up and coming punks and Oi! fans grab this record and get into the lyrics. Forced Reality says “…my eagle means more than your dove will ever be…” on “When the Hammer Comes Down.” That is an attitude that, I fear, too many “punks” today forget kind of defined a movement. The idea of rugged Skin individualism while at the same time banding together to fight a common enemy (in this case, people who didn’t understand the Pro-American Skinheads — or punk rock for that matter) is crucial to understanding what was going on in America during the latter days of the Reagan era. Forced Reality songs illustrating this: “Never Forget,” Our Land,” and “The Flag Is Mine.” Back then, the anti-Reagan forces (who now are in power and just dropped lots of bombs on cities and have our troops in 60 different countries around the world) all would rush to the podium to “blame America first.” Well, bands like Forced Entry, along with struggling against people who wanted the skinheads to give up their hardcore ways and join the rest of the world (“Remember the Day,” “Brotherhood,” “Don’t Let It Happen, “US for US”), decided that a powerful America was the best kind of America and victory was the only thing worth settling for!

Music like this just makes me want to stomp all the old ex-hippies and hippycrites into the ground.

Taang!, 706 Pismo Ct., San Diego, CA 92109

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