Hot Rod Honeys

Hot Rod Honeys

Hungry and Horny

Man’s Ruin

Don’t know if Belgium has a reputation for punk rock on the international scene, but if not the Hot Rod Honeys are doing their part to change that. “Bloody Belgium” kicks off the CD, with the band sounding very Ramonesian, reminiscent of Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, but with the lead singer doing his best to sound like Johnny Rotten. Many of the songs sound like sped-up rockabilly songs with a popcore garage band playing them. Sung in English, though that’s not easily discernible on a lot of the record. Mostly good, though you will want to delete a few, especially the pointless “Who’s Gonna Burn the Shithouse.” Still, a few clinkers out of 17 songs ain’t bad. I’ll look forward to their next one.

Man’s Ruin Records, 610 22nd Street #302, San Francisco, CA 94107;

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