Jerry Goldmsith

Jerry Goldmsith

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Silva Screen

Yep, it’s the incidental music from one of Ronald Reagan’s favorite movies, now available on a new CD with great liner notes explaining each scene’s score! You want the scene where Rambo gets his parachute caught in the doorway of the plane? Here it is. How about landing and wasting all them Commies with the bow and arrow? Or the scene where he liberates the POW camp? What about the one where he’s hiding in the cave, camouflaged with mud? Wasn’t that cool?

Damn right it was cool! This film was total action and pride in America, MF!

The only bummer is “Peace in Our Life,” sung by Frank Stallone. Oh, well, skip that one, the action music doesn’t need to be put down, after all, as Rambo knows, no prisoners!

Silva Screen Records, 1600 Broadway, Suite 910, New York, NY 10019

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