Madder Rose

Madder Rose

Hello June Fool

Thirsty Ear

A plush, misty swell surges you into Hello June Fool . Lush rich colors and textures roll you about, from one swell to another, each song a different excursion into a new level of smoothness and creative coolness. Mary Lorson’s gentle but commanding voice glides over the unique mosaic mixes on magic musical carpets. She sings, haunting and caressing, softly enrapturing you.

These songs are not the stuff that will have the teeny poppers swooning and cooing. And more good news – the songs are thoughtful, personable, waiting open-armed inviting you to grown into them. Guitarist Billy Cote’s screaming and wailing beasties are kept comfortably but intriguingly at bay, while the eccentric and alluring creations are given full access to your imagination. Polite with a wily, edgy charm. Madder Rose will put a melancholy gleam in your eye and a wry smile on your musical appetite.

Thirsty Ear Recordings, 274 Madison Ave., Suite 804, New York, NY 10016;

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