Nice Guy Eddie

Nice Guy Eddie

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The 12 songs on this CD from Gainesville power pop quartet Nice Guy Eddie are a great follow up to their 1996 release Snipe Hunt . The rhythm section from the first CD has long since changed to current bassist Paul Miller and drummer Jeff Emminger, and founders Ken McAnlis and Chris Jackson continue splitting the guitarist/singer/songwriter duties, with Chris also playing some keyboards.

The songs continue in a somewhat Beatlesque vein, with lots of other influences, maybe a little garage here and there, some amped-up Beach Boys, and definitely a bit of psychedelic in some of the guitar and tempo changes. I particularly like the guitar sound on the album, it is rougher than on Snipe Hunt and gives the songs what they need to walk the tightrope between power and pop. Everybody in the band contributes vocals, which are strong throughout. Plus hooks abound: the opener “True Blue” opens with a great guitar riff that you won’t be able to get out of head, and there are plenty more.

If you like power pop, get this CD!

$12 ppd. to Chris Jackson, 1906 Dekle Ave., Unit I, Tampa, FL 33606;,

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