Westworld EP

The Pain Is Back


Fastpaced German bootwearing in your face punk rock. You get six songs with the EP and another fourteen with the LP. So go for it, open your mind to what the youth of Germany are dealing with. “Scream and Shout” says they’re dealing with inner conflicts, “Bleed” deals with other people’s bullshit, “You’re a Bore (You Whore)” deals with women, “Kamikaze” deals with, with, man, these guys write songs about angst as though they were Americans…

Hmm, I wonder if the social problems plaguing generations of punk rockers are universal?

“We Rule O.K.” isn’t so easy to figure out, though. What am I to think of a German band that says “Twenty years of struggle/ Left fragments on the floor/ But we’re the generation/ To pick ’em up once more.”? What’s been happening in the FRG for the last twenty years? Germany’s done pretty darn good all things considered, have they not? Sheesh!

“Obscene Army” says “With boots, spikes and leathers, with bowler hats and crops/ We’re straying through the gutter as a pack of hounds…” Now who out there in punk rock land wears a bowler hat and boots? Anyway, allusions to Alex and his Droogs aside, those who dig “streetpunk” will want both these releases.

Cyclone Records, 24 Pheasant Run, Merrimack, NH 03054

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