The Fumes

The Fumes

Pure Bad Luck

Scooch Pooch

Fine punk rock from the Fumes. As usual, they’re playing monster truck punk, that is, there’s a definite Mötörhead side to the music they play. Plus they have some killer “breaks” (the guitars on “Human Shield” sound like the Didjits in a battle royale with Led Zeppelin!).

From the beginning, and through all thirteen songs, Pure Bad Luck is best described as a thirty-minute punk rock bobsled ride. The speed doesn’t let up until the last song is played. “Disconnected,” being the only break, but that’s because they lay into this wicked, rocking chorus of “…don’t tell me how to live, don’t tell me what to think, my mind’s been disconnected from you!” Awesome punk rock line! Then, it’s right into “1234,” “Flies” and “To Dumb to Die.” They finish up with “Open Me,” another blazing tune, but with added punk waa-waa that only adds to the fire!

Generally, the songs don’t let up, and after the album’s over, one feels drained, as though all the frustration of the hour has been released — just like a good punk record is supposed to do…

Scooch Pooch, 5850 West 3rd St., Suite 209, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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