The Malefactors

The Malefactors

Three Chords and the Truth


A serious album of raw, juvenile punk rock. That is, punk rock the way juveniles should be playing it. Each song is introduced by a quick line from South Park , and all twenty-one of the songs are stupid as all get-out.

Let me rephrase that, they’re stupid all right, but with a mean streak a mile wide.

The sound is pure old school, hey, like they say, three-chord punk rock. Their songs have “cute” titles like “Think It’s Shit” and “Murder In Disney” and “Sick Fucking Queer” (introduced — that’s song # 20 — with a caveat from a band member disclaiming that the song is meant to be derrogatory of homosexuals, with the final note of “fuck off” if you’re offended anyway). “They have a song called “Police State” (about Melbourne, Florida, no doubt), there’s one called “Nazi,” that’s anti-Nazi, one called “AAARRRGGHH,” a ballad, and “With A Knife,” as in “kill you with…”.

Well, all that’s good and nice, right? Some little boys playing with guitars and recording an album of attic punk rock. What do you think?

Here’s what I think: the album is worth twice what they’re charging. “Mommy is a Mutant” is a punk rock tour de force revealing that the band is the love child of the Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys. They’ve managed to rip off perfectly those raging DK guitars and merge them with a sneering Johnny Rotten impersonator on vocals. The song’s about someone’s mom being a victim of toxic waste poisoning and thus being reduced to murderous rampages.

Punckrock Records, P.O. Box 683, Deland, FL 32721

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