Ure Thrall and the Fruitless Hand

Ure Thrall and the Fruitless Hand

Forbidden Fruit

Hydrx Delusions

This CD screams. Screams with vitality, vibrance and most importantly, screams with life. It screams at having lived this day, and the prospect of living another. It screams with a white-hot flash of passion at the blinding luminescence of the Sun. This disc sparkles like broken glass on a city street. It feels like stepping on the broken glass, not because of the pain, but the raw burst of sensation.

Ure Thrall and the Fruitless Hand are a duo that falls somewhere in the Houston scene that also gives us Voice of Eye. Unlike their peers, they fall far from earthy soundscapes and neo-tribalisms. Ure Thrall and the Fruitless Hand craft works ripe with throbbing, pulsing electronics and jagged, digital whispers. This is the NASA to Voice of Eye’s Earth First!

But what does it sound like? Take Eric Satie’s “Furniture Music,” smash it to bits and build a ladder that leads straight up, up into a glass castle, where the air shimmers with cosmic dust. Houses built of ice stand upright, filling the air with color. This is a place where magick is no uncommon thing. Flying, colorful tapestries hover overhead.

OK, that’s all well and good, but what does it SOUND like? Deft, improvised electronic beds of sound. This really appeals to me because it is so dynamic. Much drone music is very static, tones are sustained for years at a time, but this is more dynamic. Ure Thrall and the Fruitless Hand go through many ideas, jumping from sound to sound without ever losing focus. Comparing it to :zoviet::france: wouldn’t be inaccurate, but Ure Thrall and the Fruitless Hand are much more energetic compared to :zoviet::france:’s often calming, meditative quality.

This sort of music validates what I do. This is not the music of the past or the future. This is music without memory. It exists on a separate level than we do.

Hydrx Delusions, 760 Market, Suite 315, San Francisco, CA 94102

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