Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic

‘Till the Medicine Takes


Those unfamiliar with Widespread Panic will get more from this review than will the band’s loyal followers. ‘Till the Medicine Takes , Widespread Panic’s seventh album, served as my introduction. Not being completely clueless, I know that Widespread Panic is one of a handful of bands with a very loyal following and an almost legendary reputation for their live shows. What I expected to hear were long, drawn out jams with distinct vocals being few and far between. Much to my pleasant surprise, this album contains twelve finely crafted songs with gruff vocals by John Bell that aren’t afraid to jump out and grab your attention. I was also surprised at the musical diversity of this album. Their southern rock foundation is mixed up with keyboards, piano, synthesizers, bluegrass-style banjo, and even some subtle turntable mixing. Of course, there are a few groovy jams thrown in for good measure. This disc will certainly not stray far from my CD player any time soon.

Capricorn Records, 83 Walton St., Atlanta, GA 30033; www.capri.corn.com

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