Live from New York!

Live from New York!


My name is Chet Cadenza and I manage the best of the best in Tampa Bay Talent. Please excuse the handwritten fax but my secretary is on her honeymoon and chances are better that I’ll get laid by Loni Anderson and that woman that played Maud on the show “Maud” at the same time than me figuring out how to use one of those IBM/PC word processors to do this properly. So please excuse me.

“N.B. Gun.” “I Hate My Life.” “Thing On My Penis.” Don’t ring a bell? Well sorry, squares, they might not now, but they will. Yeah, that’s right, I Chet Cadenza, also known as “New York Chet,” have finally convinced Novia [sic] Scotia’s finest, THE RECKLESS DEERHUNTERS to let me lend a helping hand. Hey — L7, I’m managing those fuckers, not like they need my help, but I dig their shit, and it’s all good, as the kids say these days.

Anyway — you think you’re punk, you punk? Well, let me tell you about the real stuff. You ain’t so punk, you punk. Let me tell you about the real stuff… The Reckless Deerhunters are right in your backyard, by way of Novia Scotia, Halifax. It goes like this kids. Three piece punk band slugs it out in basements and garages in Novia Scotia — I don’ even know where the fuck Novia Scotia is, couldn’t find it with a map, compass and blow job — then relocates eventually to sunny Tampa, FL…

• •

Ian Koss interrupts: Sorry to cut you off halfway through a four page fax, but we’re sold. Chet, send us the new Reckless Deerhunters whenever it’s ready. Send us their gigs and we’ll list them in our calendar. If we find a map, compass and blow job, we may even make it out to a show!

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