Thankful Links

“How thoughtful.(http://www.iamlost.com/features/ecards/)”

“We all know how difficult it can be to find a greeting card with genuine candor. If you’ve faced this dilemma (and who hasn’t?) YPL’s Insensitivity Cards are the perfect solution. Our wide selection allows you to mock the unhappy circumstances, embarrassing failures, and painful experiences of a friend or relative, and to share that derision with almost anyone on planet Earth through the wonders of email.” Say Thanks to people around the world!

“No Subtitles(http://www.ek.to/lang/tack.htm)”

Here is a list of how you say Thank You and Thank You Very Much in a lot of languages.

“Just say(http://www.supercamp.com/news/summer97/pressure.htm)”

“The pressure is on: you’re on your way to a concert with a group of friends, and someone pulls out a bottle lifted from Dad’s liquor cabinet and starts passing it around. You don’t want to drink, but everyone else seems to be doing it and you don’t want to look like a dork by refusing. What do you do?”

“Horatio Nelson(http://www.anglia.co.uk/angmulti/nelson/letters/lett7.html)”

“I am so confident of your affection, that I feel the pleasure you will receive will be equal, whether my letter is wrote by my right hand or left. It was the chance of war, and I have great reason to be thankful; and I know that it will add much to your pleasure in finding that Josiah, under God’s Providence, was principally instrumental in saving my life…Lieutenant Weatherhead is gone. Poor fellow! he lived four days after he was shot …. I am fortunate in having a good surgeon on board; in short I am much more recovered than I could have expected. I beg neither you or my father will think much of this mishap…”

“American Martyrs(http://www.roadsideamerica.com/attract/NYAURmartyr.html)”

“A giant, round church contains shrines to such notables as St. Aloysius Gonzaga (“died during the plague in Italy, 1591”) and St. Joseph (“patron of a happy death”). The altar in the center of the church is built to resemble a 17th century frontier stockade, only this one has a giant Crucifix ascending out of it – an addition that probably would have helped the Jesuits scare off the Indians had they thought of it. The altar is surrounded by over 1500 novena candles that can be lit at the touch of a button. “


“Generally Thankful(http://www.geocities.com/Wellesley/1867/Thanksgiving.html)”

“When we think of Thanksgiving most of us remember family, friends, the homes in which we live and the many things for which we are thankful. We will remember those less fortunate than ourselves, sometimes even reaching out to help them. This is good.”

“The VERY thankful page.(http://members.aol.com/PUNKYDOLL/thanksgiving.html)”

Warning: graphic intensive AND it’s an aol site.

“Be Thankful 1(http://www.wels.net/sab/listen/dev-nov-02.html)”

“Turkeys everywhere are wishing they were chickens. Perhaps some of us are wishing we were somebody else too.”

“Be Thankful 2(http://www.tiua.edu/Personal/Student/98Studnt/nsugitan/thanksgiving.htm)”

“What is Thanksgiving?? What does the word “thanksgiving” mean? Thanksgiving is the expression of gratitude and the giving of thanks. Being thankful is a feeling and a showing of gratitude. To praise means to verbally express your admiration, to honor and to glorify with song. Being grateful is feeling and showing appreciation for the kindness and benefits that has given YOU!”

“Poor Losers(http://www2.southwind.net/~choctaw/thanks.htm)”

“For all you folks out there who are not Indians, I’m going to tell you a few things. And you’re gonna have to trust me. I’m not lying to you, and I’m not saying this to hurt your feelings. Okay? That would be a great big waste of time. What kind of jerk would use the internet to stomp on other peoples’ feelings?”

“Thanksgiving History(http://www.echo.net/~rzacks/puritan.html)”

“We have this image of black-hatted buckle-shoed God-fearing Puritans, well….Governor William Bradford recorded this about a 16 year old boy, dated Sept. 8, 1642: ‘Thomas Granger was detected of buggery… with a mare, a cow, two goats, five sheep, two calves, and a turkey. Horrible it is to mention but the truth of history requires it.’ While most history books prefer to dwell on phony Thanksgiving stories, ‘History Laid Bare’ (HarperPerennial) will go for a good sheep lineup any day.”

Thankless Jobs

“Power Gifts(http://www.powergifts.com/)”

“Executive Gifts, Awards & Incentives, Promotional Products, Advertising Specialties and Corporate Apparel” Thanks, Boss! I’d much rather have a little plastic button instead of a raise…


“World Hug Week is a way to promote unconditional acceptance. Our hope is that by giving hugs this week, people all over the world will take the five-second challenge and give a hug. Each day of Hug Week, hug at least three people per day, then ask those three to hug three others, and so on. Please be sure to ask permission before hugging. Give it a try!”

Maybe not…

“How to say(http://www.job-tech.com/TBNT.htm)”

“After carefully reviewing your credentials, I am amazed that you thought you had a chance of obtaining a job within our organization. My Co-workers and I took your resume to lunch today, and over a couple of cocktails, joked about your previous positions. We particularly liked that you were a Zoo Keeper. We all guessed which animal you most closely resembled…”

“No thanks for the freebies.(http://www.huthwaite.co.uk/nothanks.htm)”

In “merry olde” England, they’re not too hip on the corporate thanks thing. “If there is one thing that unites fans of sports and the arts in anger, it is the increasing encroachment on their territory of corporate hospitality. Whether it is rugby at Twickenham, football at Wembley, pictures at the Royal Academy or the opera at Covent Garden, nowhere is safe anymore….One of Mr Belsey’s findings when developing the programme was that the modern business climate made it increasingly difficult for people to justify spending time out, particularly during the working week, which is one explanation perhaps, for all those empty seats at “sold-out” big events. “

Where was that?


“The people of this town were known for the many blessings they gave each other. For this reason, several people from Thankful formed a group known as the Thankful Society. The purpose of the Thankful Society was to help people remember to thank one another.”


“The Official Homepage of Thankful”


The Goddess of Thankless Tasks: “This ancient Sumerian myth appears in many forms; you may have heard someone tell it, through oral tradition, or you may have read it in a book. I honor Inanna and I love to listen when a storyteller recites her journey. But have you ever considered the other side of the story? Have you ever wondered about Inanna’s sister-Goddess, Erishkegal? Listen, then, to Her side of the story…”

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