Argentina EP


I saw Argentina open for Blonde Redhead and was suitably impressed. I remember them being a lot noisier than on this EP, though. Maybe it’s a matter of the live experience versus the recorded? Maybe. Maybe my memory’s just screwed up. Or my ears. Or both.

Regardless, this is a fantastic EP, just different than I was expecting. Noisy-ish indie swirl occasionally accenting blissful indie pop. Nice atmospheres provided by guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. The middle song of the five is the one with vocals, and they strike the heart just right. Five songs in twelve and a half minutes? The songs are great enough to where I find myself bitching for more, yet so perfectly complementary of one another to where anything more might chance ruining the moment. Sweet.

Spy-Fi Records, P.O. Box 59-2641, Miami, FL 33159

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