Down By Law

Down By Law

Fly The Flag

Go Kart

Simply put, the best album I have heard in years. Maybe a decade. Melding the best of high-energy California pop-punk with Mod and Celtic influences (including both traditional Celtic and a heavy dose of Stiff Little Fingers), this album is brilliant. If you are not singing along with or at least jumping around to “Nothing Good on the Radio” and the anthemic refrain to “Breakout” (“So have a drink or three, and sing with me, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales must be free!”), there is something seriously wrong with you. Even if you’re a Limey. Political without being preachy, showing growth without becoming boring or losing fire, focused without all the songs sounding the same, acknowledging the past without aping it, this is what people set out to do when they record albums.

With Fly The Flag , Down By Law is the best rock and roll band in America. Buy this album now. If you have no money, tape it or steal it. If you can’t manage either of those, burn down your house or car and use the insurance money to buy it. You won’t be sorry. I don’t write reviews like this every day, kids, this is the real deal.

Go Kart Records, P.O. Box 20, Prince Street Station, New York, NY 10012;

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