See It In Sound


Yaya, Esquivel. Like, he’s so…. 1997. Well buddy, the truth is that Esquivel was so 1997 back in 1960, when this album was recorded. “Space Age Bachelor Pad” may be a cliche now, but Esquivel wears that gaudy mantle of words with dignity and elegance, as he creates the most astonishingly futuristic sounds an orchestra and the stereo dimension can produce. Buried in an RCA vault for almost forty years, See It In Sound resurfaces none the worse for the passage of time, with boopy renditions of standards like “The Peanut Vendor” and “Brazil” sharing the limelight with nine other musical visions. “Brazil” in particular beckons with imageries of walking past an insinuating sound coming from a streetside doorway. See It In Sound is Esquivel at his classic best, integrating the possibilities of a left and right speaker with incredibly inventive arrangements and that impeccably dry musical sense of humor. A worthy treat for connosieurs and newbies alike. Headphones highly recommended.

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