Guano Apes

Guano Apes

Proud Like a God


Just released in the USA, this CD has been reaping awards throughout Europe for some time now. In fact, it has already gone platinum in Germany. And deservedly so. This is the best debut album of the year, possibly of the decade.

Guano Apes successfully meld crunchy American rock with European sensibilities, resulting in an intelligent, vital sound which is both entertaining and energizing. A myriad of influences can be heard within the dozen cuts, but is derivative. Their style ranges from DRI and Primus to Garbage and Korn.

The four-piece group is fronted by Sandra Nasic, but they are not your typical, and lately overdone, female-formatted rock band. Her voice commands attention, but nowhere is that “Feel sorry for me; I’m a woman” crap or that “You’ll never know what it means to be a woman until you’ve experienced menstrual cramps and childbirth” bullshit. Sandra proudly takes her place among the great rock singers who ascend beyond the gender archetype.

The opening song, “Open Your Eyes,” has been experiencing some local airplay of late, which speaks well for the evolving musical taste of the Southeast. It nicely showcases the band’s flexibility by defying a specific category. The fourth track, titled “Lords of the Boards,” is probably the best cut overall, presenting some impressive vocal and musical abilities. “Suzie,” a funky little number, puts one in mind of what would happen if Queen Latifah and Les Claypool were locked in a recording studio together. This is an excellent assortment of tunes, worthy of inclusion in anyone’s CD collection. Visit Guano Apes at their website,

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