Kim Lenz and the Jaguars

Kim Lenz and the Jaguars

The One and Only


It’s been said before, and I don’t see a reason why it won’t always be said, but Kim Lenz is the real deal. The combo of Lenz’s wildcat voice (able to purr, croon and growl within a breath) and the Jaguars’ smokin’ rockabilly is a potent swig off an earthen jug. In true roots fashion, the lyrics are as suggestive as the swaying rollicking music — lines like “If you don’t like my peaches don’t shake my tree” and “You’ve met your match, I’ve met my flame” read like corny poetry in 7-point Garamond Condensed, but out of the pipes of Miss (oh, please be a Miss) Lenz, it’s enough to set your pants afire. Produced by Big Sandy, this is 100% pure and unadulterated. Sizzle and serve.

Hightone Records, 220 4th St. #101, Oakland, CA 94607;

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