Just what exactly is a Mishka? Could it be that spastic break move the fucked up B-Boys are offering up, or is it that obnoxiously fruity shooter the bar hag is pushin’? For all you know, it might be the latest killer hurricane threatening the coast!

Actually, a Mishka is a remarkable 24-year old young man with the voice of a freedom fighter! A rebel! He speaks not of the socioeconomical struggle, but of the turmoils of the heart. You see, the Caribbean Sea runs through his veins, and the tropical sun fires his passions. The son of roving parents, Mishka was schooled at sea on a sailboat. This nomadic upbringing has brought the exotic ports of the Caribbean to his doorstep and forged their treasures into his soul. Admittedly shy, Mishka at first needed coaxing from friends to pursue recording this quietly beautiful debut. Like the ebb and flow of the tides that he loves, Mishka wails about the ups and downs of the local sirens he’s met along the way. “Give You All the Love,” “Happy,” “Lonley,” “Still Got Love,” and “Bring a Man Down” are all memorable tunes that are sure to have you singing along all day, every night. “Johannah” is a simple love song that celebrates that euphoric feeling that flushes over you.

Mishka is a carefree debut by a talented singer/songwriter. It helps that he sounds a bit like his brother in Jah, Bob Marley! A must for those that want to catch the fire!


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