Not the Same Old Song and Dance

Not the Same Old Song and Dance

A Tribute to Aerosmith


This is an eleven-cut tribute album to Aerosmith. At the risk of alienating all my friends and most of my relatives, I confess to being a real Aerosmith fan. I honestly did not think anyone could really do these songs justice. I admit I was wrong, at least partly.

By far, the best cut on the CD is Mickey Thomas’ version of “Last Child.” I was amazed to hear how good this song sounded by someone other than Steven Tyler. Mickey seems to put his heart and soul into it. Certainly, this is Mickey’s favorite Aerosmith tune. I found Jeff Keith’s rendition of “Draw The Line” to be excellent. He even sounds more than a little like Steven Tyler singing it. The guitar work by Tommy Sketch is quite good.

Jack Russell does a quality job on “Same Old Song and Dance.” This is definitely not the same style as the Aerosmith version. Sounding close to the original but putting a little of his own style into it makes this cut a winner. The guitar on this one is superb and the sax is a nice touch; it adds a lot to the middle and end. I give Stephen Pearcy and crew a musical thumbs up for their rendition of “Toys in the Attic.” Stephen’s slighty up-tempo version is a different but enjoyable way to hear this song. Traci Guns puts in some superb guitar riffs to pull this song together!

Most of the remaining tracks are good but not great. Three cuts that should have been left off the CD are “Sweet Emotion” by Tommy Blades and Jack Shaw, “Back in the Saddle” by Mark Slaughter, and Ronnie James Dio’s horrendous rendition of “Dream On.” Overall, this tribute is a good effort, but it is much too uneven.


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