Sunset Valley

Sunset Valley

Boyscout Superhero

Sugar Free

Sunset Valley’s Boyscout Superhero might as well be a compilation, as the band’s diverse angles at creating music are so effective that individual songs sound roughly nothing like their counterparts. Anything from influences of David Bowie to the Clash are represented on the album, as Sunset Valley incorporates these tried-and-true sounds into their own musical interests, creating an album that has created continuity through complete inconstancy. Brit-pop such as Blur, the indie-rock of bands like Jets to Brazil, ’80s Devo and even some elements of hardcore are tossed into the mix. Vocals range from the quiet and insightfully whiny to more forthright powerful belts of lyrics, each the perfect chameleon-like maneuver for the music it’s guiding. With the versatility of Tom Waits but the appeal of a well-managed indie-rock outfit, Sunset Valley successfully shoots their proverbial cannon off in every possible direction — and hits the mark with most every blast.

Sugar Free Records, P.O. Box 14166, Chicago, IL 60614;

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