The Jungle Brothers

The Jungle Brothers

Get Down

Gee Street

I may not be up on all the hip lingo of the house music scene, but I know what I like — and I REALLY like this new single from the Jungle Brothers! Built around the hook from Kool & the Gang’s “Get Down On It,” the JB’s throw down smooth-flowing raps about keeping it real over a funky groove that commands you to move — I defy you to sit still while this disc is spinning! Propellerheads’ Alex Gifford produced the album version, with its cool Spanish horns. Mark Pichotti’s dance mix throws in a heavier bass groove, shimmering keys, and skating rink electronic vocals (think “Freakazoids, Robots, report to the dance floor”), while the Bronx Dogs’ breakbeat mix adds cool spy sounds and what sounds like the incidental music from Sonic the Hedgehog . Like I said, I know what I like, and I like this little taste enough to make me want to check out the JB’s full length next year…

Gee Street Records, 14 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10012

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