Una Thompson

Una Thompson

Tender Mercies

Sleeping Cheetah

Una Thompson is another in a increasingly long list of female performers who can be given the label “Lilith Fair Style.” With her pretty voice, gentle melodies, and esoteric lyrics, she can easily be compared to Sarah MacLachlan, Jewel, and Tori Amos. Her voice actually seems more suited to somewhat more powerful delivery, as on her Cher-ish “These Candles,” but overall, her voice works well for this material. As far as her lyrics…I sense a well-thumbed copy of Women Who Run with the Wolves on Una Thompson’s bookshelf. Depending on your point of view, this could sound wonderful or dreadful, I’ll leave that determination up to the listener.

Sleeping Cheetah Records; http://www.sleepingcheetah.com

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