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Downtown, Saturday


Something about Nadine is eerily familiar. From the first to the last note of Downtown, Saturday , the relaxed and almost-sluggish feel of this guitar-based trio is inescapably recognizable, although the task of alternately placing this deja-vu is nearly impossible. With a vocalist staggering between Michael Stipe and the Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz, melancholy lyrics are delivered with a tactful lack of energy, something of a potent sigh, and a bit of a country-tinted accent.

The music itself has something of a southern sound, although nothing close to the ear-piercing twang that the region’s genre has come to be associated with. Instead, the occasional distortion is added for the rare energetic moments, and the band marches on in what’s almost a musical version of silent contemplation. More of a three-piece version of campfire-side acoustic tunes, the music doesn’t have the power to reach out and grab a listener – but it’s somehow delightful enough to give a chance.

Undertow, P.O. Box 8718, St. Louis, MO 63101;

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