The Meat Purveyors

The Meat Purveyors

with Jim White

Sluggo’s, Pensacola, FL • November 11, 1999

In a night of music born of an acid enhanced viewing of Hee Haw , Jim White, the king of Southern Gothic music, and the Meat Purveyors, an aggressive bluegrass quartet, played before a smattering of fans. To be honest, there were more band members than audience, which was a shame, considering the quality of music being performed.

Jim White played first, with his new band, the 144,000’s. This band is a bit of a side project for White, who is taking a breather from his Luaka Bop Records commitments to play some odder, more personal songs. Although his album material is filled with his “Southern Gothic” style and is quite striking, he yearns to play some of his more esoteric songs and that is precisely what he did, mixing a couple of album tracks around a fairly long set of decidedly Jim White-ish material.

Hailing from Austin Texas, the Meat Purveyors have been blessed with being country when country is cool. This quartet plays up-tempo bluegrass with exciting vocals and a floor shaking upright bass that precludes any need for a drummer. The mini-skirted bass player pounds the bass with as much fire as the singer attacks the vocals with. The bass, acoustic guitar, and mandolin punctuate songs about love, beer, murder, and a hillbilly cover of the Velvet Underground song “What Goes On.” The band has a great deal of fun playing their songs, but they shun the schtick. The music is played straight although the lyrics often have an irreverent tone; no one will confuse them with Southern Culture on the Skids.

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