Allstar 69

Allstar 69

Well Hung Over

Gainesville, Florida’s Allstar 69 has been rocking with an abandon for close to three years now, and it’s about damned time they put out a debut album proper, Well Hung Over . Gas huffin’ on their way to the funhouse, Allstar 69 firmly keep their feet on the pedals of punk, metal, and rock alike, often recalling the best of the MC5, KISS, and the Damned. Bassist Mustang Star and guitarists Nasty Star and Foxy Star all take their turns at the mic, and all snarl in a way befitting of their brand of gritty, dirt-encrusted rock. In the grand r ‘n’ r tradition, the band’s lyrics cover sex (“Drive-by Infection”), drugs/alcohol (“Roll the Dice,” “Tumbleweed”), money (the self-same song, “Government Vampire”) and girls-gone-wrong (“Disintegration,” “Bad Little Girl”) — even the Dark One gets a nod, too (“Satan’s Song”). Fittingly, Thunder Star’s drumming is just as jostling as his name would imply. With the above in mind, it will be interesting to see if Allstar 69 has the elan and wherewithal to break out of Gainesville’s un-rock-privy confines.

Allstar 69, 320 SE 71st St., Gainesville, FL 32641;

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