Appendix Out

Appendix Out

Daylight Saving

Drag City

One of the first singles, if not the first, that was released by Palace Records way back when. So, if you’ve realized already that Will Oldham seems to only release stuff that sounds like Palace, you know where I might be going here. While I appreciate the obvious reference to The Lord of the Rings in “Grey Havens,” this is unfortunately not the Tolkien tribute album that we’ve been longing for. I recently met someone whose name is Arwen. After receiving a blank stare, she told me Arwen was an obscure character who married Elrond. So, just because I’m wearing a Tokien T-shirt from high school, I’m expected to know who Arwen is. Does this woman have a brother? Yes. His name is Sauron. So that this isn’t an entire waste of your time, let me tie this all together by adding that this would indeed be a suitable Lord of the Rings soundtrack. I can easily picture elves and hobbits running around the countryside with this fey, magical thing playing in the background.

Drag City, P.O. Box 476867, Chicago, IL 60647

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