At the Price of the Union

At the Price of the Union

The Mechanics of Wind EP

Buddy System

It seems that most of the EP’s that have come out in the last few years haven’t been very memorable, but more of an excuse to release 4 or 5 songs. At the Price of the Union’s Mechanics Of Wind EP breaks that trend. AtPotU take 5 songs and leave off the filler. Listening to this takes me back to the early 90’s when bands like Burn and Quicksand released their first EP’s. Not so much because of their sound, but because of the potency packed into one little EP. Their sound isn’t easy to describe if you’re looking for the old “they sound just like _______ with the guitars of ________” type review. What the band does use is subtle guitar changes, strong grooves, and tight rhythms over vocals that remind me a little of Walter’s vocals on the Quicksand EP, but they’re a little more spoken then they are sung. The music is very tight and well thought out, which again reminds me of how the members of Quicksand played together. 5 songs of intelligent rock, without the cliches and gimmicks, that makes more of an impact with 5 songs than the majority of full-lengths coming out do. Contact the band at PO Box 862, Athens, GA 30603-0862

Buddy System, 302 Bedford Ave. #284, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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