Summing the Approach

Secretly Canadian

Damn. Ativin is no more. And maybe I can shed a little light on what I think happened…one guitarist, growing tired of clenching his jaw and counting off the weird time signatures during all the silent moments, stormed out with a “to hell with this,” and promptly joined his neighbor’s Sabbath tribute band. His crestfallen Ativin band members called and left pieces of this album scattered on his answering machine at home, at his girlfriend’s home, at work, at his mom’s place, and at his friends’ houses to no avail, as he and his new band had already hit the road. His girlfriend broke up with him and threw the answering machine out the window because he started sleeping with Sabbath groupies, but all his friends compiled their answering machine messages. And they liked it. But they didn’t know if it was rock. One of his friends ran into his mom in the grocery store, and the subject turned to the message left on her answering machine. “A lovely sounding new age soft rock which eases me into my Valium-induced coma,” she exclaimed. Hiding a shocked smirk, he began to set her straight, but fresh donuts caught his eye.

Secretly Canadian Records, 1703 N. Maple St., Bloomington, IN 47404;

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