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Blanks 77



Now here’s a band that simply refuses to stop playing punk rock as it demands to be played: three chords and stupid! Starting off with the two punk lesbians on the cover (winners of a contest the band floated around the Internet a year ago), C.B.H. is eighteen punk rock songs of such perfection that maybe we need a special category for punk rock that’s even more punk than punk. Ppunk Rock? Good enough!

There’s “Radio Hits,” that’s about radio; there’s “Off the Wagon,” that’s about drinking; there’s ‘We Are the Punks,” about punk rockers’ there’s “New Orleans,” about New Orleans; there’s tones more Ppunk rock! And there’s even stupider songs, like “Girl Can’t Rock and Roll,” “Ghetto Blasta,” and “If You Were A Beer” covering the same subjects (music, sex, drinking, repeat as necessary).

This latest release from Blanks 77 is their best to-date, as it’s not just a more immature effort, but that their guitars sound more punk than ever. Every song demands a slam! Every note needs a mohawk! And even more than that, I now have respect for “kids” who dye their hair blue and follow Blanks 77 around the world. I swear, every time I’ve seen them, it’s the same kids, well, bravo! This Punk Rock is real!

Radical Records, 77 Bleeker Street, Suite C2-21, New York, NY 10012;

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