Blue Dogs

Blue Dogs

Letters From Round O

Black River

Blue Dogs may roll a little more than they rock, but it’s no consequence — these South Carolinians know how to effectively toss around their influences. A light rock outfit to the tune of the Counting Crows or Tom Petty, their country/Americana-tinted songs equally incorporate elements of folk and blues without adhering strictly to the policies of either. The Americana — fiddle and all — isn’t potent enough to be dripping of rock-n-roll antithesis like Shania Twain, and the catchy, foot-tapping consistency of the tight eleven tracks on Letters From Round O use the influence to its fullest advantage.

The laid-back, head-nodding aptitude of a blues outfit mingles its way dominantly through a few tracks, nicely diluting the contemporary rock fluid throughout the album. The vocals work hand-in-hand with the music’s harmony, not fighting in a domineering manner, but instead with a confidant, slightly dry, comfortable middle. Blue Dogs certainly don’t intend to rock you out, as their origins in South Carolina and consequent Americana-rock do serve for something. Still, their agility in song writing and smooth, comfortable album might just carry with it some pleasing southern hospitality., 1-800-AWARE65

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