Brother JT 3

Brother JT 3

Way To Go

Drag City

Mudhoney began the first song of their Terrastock appearance a few years ago by simply stating, “we’re the bummer of your trip”. Admittedly, most attendees cocked their head a bit when listing Mudhoney as one of the bands on the bill, as if to say, “remember Mudhoney? What could they possibly be doing here amongst all this drone and hype?” Maybe people forgot that the idea for the event was conceived by Ptolemaic Terrascope editor Phil McMullen, who seems to enjoy all sorts of guitar heroics as much as he enjoys droning psychedelia. Once you go back and listen to “Superfuzz Bigmuff,” you might hear what Phil was hoping to hear. And since I missed Brother JT at Terrastock, and since this is the first album I’ve heard by him, my first impression is that those nascent Mudhoney albums and singles may have had some impact on him. OK, but then I see in his press release that he’s been releasing records for a long while, so it’s more likely that Mudhoney and Brother JT shared the same liking of garage and Hendrix. Brother JT, however, is more serious about what he’s doing, and doesn’t fear an acoustic guitar or the cracking of his fragile voice.

Drag City, P.O. Box 476867, Chicago, IL 60647

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