Twisted Tenderness


The good news is that Electronic has issued another album, and it is far superior to 1996’s Raise The Pressure . The bad news is that it is only available on import. On this, the third album by the duo of Johnny Marr (ex-Smiths) and Bernard Sumner (New Order), they nicely combine both of their talents. Marr’s excellent guitar playing shines through on this album as it incorporates and reflects Sumner’s love of dance music. The two styles easily merge together without the flaws that marked their last release. On this album, the styles coalesce and the result is more of a guitar-centered dance album. There are no techno elements like there were on its predecessor. Instead, there are clever riffs, harmonica playing and even the occasional synth-strings.

As someone who cut his proverbial teeth on the music of the Smiths and New Order, this is a welcome comeback to these artists. And, with what may be a first for a member associated with New Order, there are lyrics included on this album. In truth, I’ve often felt that Bernard Sumner has one of the most compelling voices. It seems to bridge ironic detachment and sincerity within the same breath. He loves you but he couldn’t care less. Although I can’t convince someone to shell out $25 on an import CD, if you do come across this I would give it a chance.

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