Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguin

Extreme Gaming

My Pal God

Emperor Penguin isn’t what you’d think of when someone calls them an instrumental band. Sure, they don’t have a singer, but this also isn’t another one of those Slint-esque clones that seem to be a dime a dozen lately. Extreme Gaming is chock full of sampling, blips, bleeps, beeps, Moog, and funk jams. This is a record that any indie-rock fan could proudly display in front of their “punker than thou” friends that would usually frown on an electronic based, sample filled record. You don’t need to be into any of that electronica bullshit or whatever else, because this ain’t it. What it is is an inventive, funky indie rock record that happens to not use the standard set of tools to create infectious and smart songs. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised and pleased. It only gets better and better.

My Pal God Records, PO Box 13335, Chicago, IL 60613; http://www.mypalgodrecords.com

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