See it in Sound

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Hailed by the lounge generation as a master, Esquivel was a composer of stereo — an art forged from the unlimited possibilities of a new technology. His 1960’s work, such as Other Worlds, Other Sounds , and the Infinity in Sound series, are masterpieces of sound colleges, bizarre production techniques and playful arrangements.

This release, See it in Sound , is considered to be his “lost masterpiece,” much in the same fashion that Smile is by Beach Boys fans. Rejected by RCA in 1960, this record is amazing. Listening to it on headphones is a treat that will surprise you, with instrumentation zooming out of nowhere, sounds of children laughing, ragtime piano — all in one track (“Honky Tonky Cha Cha”)! Listening to this “space age bachelor pad music,” it’s not hard to hear the influence Esquivel has had on contemporary musicians such as Stereolab, Combustible Edison, and beyond. For more information on this unique genius of sound, check out Incredibly Strange Music Volume 2 from ReSearch, or just pick up this sonic treat. Its guaranteed you’ve never heard anything like it before.

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