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Don’t discount CDs because they don’t have silver backs. Similar to the taping community of the ’80s, CD-Rs are now a new medium for artists to get their work out into the world. Indeed, they may be a superior medium (now I’m pushing it.) No more boxes of unsold CDs to sit inside distributor warehouses. CD-Rs create a direct link from the artist to the receiver, sidestepping the middlemen; not that I have a problem with retailers. To get to the point, this CD is pressed onto high quality CD-Rs that do not detract from the effectiveness of the album.

FingerPaint create soft, loopy electronic soundscapes. For reference points, think Future Sound of London and Pete Namlook. Think bloops and beeps with a warm and cozy feel. A few tracks on this record feature a horn of some sort, and add a bit of “soul,” albeit not much. The mood changes from serene and tranquil to quirky and energetic in a matter of minutes. This record is more “fun” than many other projects in its genre; it keeps the pretension factor bearably low. Another thing I like about this is that they don’t stretch their tracks out for too long. Instead of patience-testing epics, FingerPaint keep things direct and to the point, which many will really appreciate.

I’ve heard “illbient” used in conjunction with FingerPaint, but I confess that I don’t hear many ill beats nor the thick, murky layers associated with the illbient style. FingerPaint craft a tasty electronic gumbo that will surely appeal to many who can see past the color of its back.

FNGP Recordings, PO Box 5364, Takoma Park, MD 20913;

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