Hero of a Hundred Fights

Hero of a Hundred Fights

Hero of a Hundred Fights


HoaHF isn’t the tough guy hardcore band that I thought they’d be, which is a good thing. Their CD must have sat here for a month before I finally listened to it. I was wrong in assuming that they’d be another cookie cutter hardcore band. What they are is a band with a unique blend of styles and focused rage. At times they sound like the Monorchid covering Slint songs, but most of the time they don’t sound like any other bands around, which is also a good thing. They sound like a train picking up speed, and even though it’s not very loud (at least not yet) you can tell that it could blow at anytime. That’s one of the great things about them. It’s intense without simply relying on volume or speed. Even when they are weaving in and out of intricate melodies and using spoken vocals, you can always sense the instability about to unleashed. In that way, they remind me of Cable’s Variable Speed Drive CD, but more focused and with less noise. Good stuff from a good band that will hopefully stick around.

404 Records, P.O. Box 827, Normal, IL 61761; http://www.404records.com

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