If I Could See Dallas


Whimsical as the name may be, Japancakes manages to pack a mighty wallop. Not since Scenic (and Giant Sand’s grittier moments) have I heard such sprawling compositions, beautifully broad layers of drums, bass, and guitar, guitar, and more guitar. While Scenic builds on vast open spaces filled with reverberation — the guitars howling like wolves in the night — Japancakes’ approach offers a soothing, smooth bed of sound, a softly undulating glade where the guitar strings are gently changing their tones under the slight pressure of a bottleneck slide. The songs veer from verse to chorus to bridge like a hammock responding to a well-placed nudge from a bare toe. And even though after a while, it all starts sounding very similar, there is something about the small varieties that makes this album burn up over an hour of time in one glorious slippery moment.

Kindercore Records, P.O. Box 461, Athens, GA 30603

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