June 0f 44

June 0f 44

In The Fishtank


In The Fishtank is a series of CDs that invites bands to record at a studio in Holland while touring in Europe. They are given two days, 24 tracks, and up to 30 minutes to do with what they will. June of 44 made amazing use of that time.

This was recorded after Anahata , which makes me look forward to their next record that much more eagerly. Anahata wasn’t my cup of tea at all, but this I like. Jazz and rock meet and get all muddled up together, from the slowly building jam that leads into the smooth, quiet grooves of “Generate” to the static beats and ambiance of “Henry’s Revenge,” the rockish jam of “Modern Hereditary Dance Steps” to the funk/reggae-influenced “Every Free Day is a Good Day” and finishing up with the feedback and noise accented rhythmic “Degenerate.” Apparently there are still a lot of interesting ideas rolling around in their heads and these succeed quite nicely.

Konkurrent Onafhankelijk Muziekbedrijf, P.O. Box 14598, 1001 LB Amsterdam, NL

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