Kill The Messenger

Kill The Messenger

All the Angels Crash and Burn


I love this record. This is one of the best records from a hardcore band, a term which doesn’t even come close to doing their sound justice, in a long time. They start off the record reminding me of My War -era Black Flag, but they’re heavier, faster, and way more brutal vocals. It’s good to see a band that sounds unlike all of the other bands that use the standard early Black Flag influence, but instead use some of the most unrecognized yet best Black Flag material ever. Don’t get me wrong, these boys have a hell of a lot more to give than that. They’re playing hardcore in a respectable and original way that lets the music speak for itself, instead of using the cookie cutter hardcore bullshit sound that overwhelms the scene today.

Indecision Records, PO Box 5781, Huntington Beach, CA 92615

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