Kilowatt Hours

Kilowatt Hours

All Things Regarding EP

Temporary Residence Limited

Kilowatt Hours features a founding member of Falling Forward and Elliott. Whenever a band boasts an “ex-member,” the new band is one of two things: A) a very weak rip-off of the old band, or B) said “ex-member” was of the other twenty “ex-members” of said band that played bass for them without any talent. Luckily, Kilowatt Hours stands on it’s own, and never brings any shame to the former band’s names. All Things Regarding has melodies and strong drumming of Falling Forward, but it’s also piano based rock. There is an occasional vocal here and there, but they usually let the music speak for itself. Intelligent emo-ish rock without the standard cliches and overused hooks, yet it still keep you highly entertained. Very nice EP from a band that keeps you looking forward to their future work, and they set a good example for “ex-member” bands to follow, which is “do something new or don’t do it at all.”

Temporary Residence Limited, PO Box 22910, Baltimore, MD 21203

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